"Latham's music is passionate with biting wit." --NPR

"Reminiscent of the glorious sloppiness of Neil Young & Crazy Horse." - Folk Radio UK 

"One of the sharpest songwriters to emerge of late on the antifolk sphere...Charles Latham could be your new hero." - INDY Weekly

Charles Latham wields an acid tongue and a poison pen, crafting social criticism, tragicomic narratives, and brutal self-analysis into ramshackle country-rock songs. After a decade of wandering, from Philadelphia to Nashville to Memphis to the U.K., singer-songwriter Charles Latham returned to North Carolina in late 2014, laying roots down in Durham. His 2017 LP, "Little Me Time", found Latham combining his acerbic wit and quirky songwriting with more polished production values and an expansive sound. In order to bring the songs to life for live audiences, he recruited an ensemble of local talent, now known as The Borrowed Band. 

Charles Latham and the Borrowed Band's 2020 self-titled LP is a celebration of the new sound they have forged together, which marries Latham's idiosyncratic songwriting style with vintage, psychedelic country-rock. 


Pretty Mouth (2006)
Beltline (2007)
Fast Loans (2012)
Next to Nothing Blues Single split 7" w/ King of Hollywood [Withered Hand] (2013)
Little Me Time (2017)
No Landlords (2020)
Charles Latham and the Borrowed Band (2020)